Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lupine Cardigan by Meg

This is my Lupine Cardigan I made by following Meg's Cardigan Details DVD.


  • very pretty - great colors.

    By Blogger Jennifer, at 5:26 PM  

  • Very nice! I love this sweater!
    I have Meg's knitting book that has the pattern for this sweater but I think the instructions are not detailed enough for someone of my skill level(advanced beginner). Does her dvd take you step by step, holding your hand all the way?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:48 PM  

  • The DVD holds your hand.. It is great!

    By Blogger mikeslittlesis, at 11:00 AM  

  • I would love to join this group. Would you please sign me up? Jeanie

    By Blogger Jean, at 7:58 PM  

  • That's gorgeous! I've just learnt that I have reason to knit baby clothes for a relative and think this one may be on the cards. :)

    By Blogger Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders, at 2:37 AM  

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