Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Norwegian Mittens

This is the Norwegian Mitten from Knitting Around though EZ also talks about it in the Knitters Almanac and has more instruction for the top of the mitten there. Of course I didn't find that until I had this finished. This is the first of the pair and I have the second one started.

The lighter blue is Brown Sheep Nature Spun yarn and the teal is Lion Wool. I started the cuff with size 4 needles but found that the hand of the mitten was going to be too small. I frogged back to the cuff and used size 5 from there up.

I am still working on keeping the tension right so the stitches lay smoothly but aren't sloppy loose. There are more progress pictures and information on my blog.

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  • Two things on tension:

    If you knit with the work inside-out and your working tips furthest from you, it will help you have smooth tension. (I know I learned that from reading EZ, though where is beyond me.)

    Second, when you come to a loose stitch, tendency is to knit it tightly to compensate. However, this only emphasizes its looseness because you've actually tightened the three stitches above the loose stitch. Instead, knit normally with normal tension, ignoring the looseness. Washing, blocking, and time will even things up nicely.

    Those mittens are beautiful.

    By Blogger Rebecca Z., at 11:31 AM  

  • Thanks for posting your Norweigian mitt pictures. I am working on the exact same pattern right now. I've been fretting about the pattern on the thumb, since a nice continuation of the palm pattern is sort of impossible (given the increases). And I love how your striped thumb looks.

    I will post my pics as they get completed. I'm just halfway through one mitten right now.

    By Blogger portlandia, at 1:18 PM  

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