Thursday, February 01, 2007

some longies

the only ez pattern i've actually knit. i looove longies. this is the 3rd pair i've done for the above 2yo dd. the yarn is thicker than i realized, so dd can wear these in a snow storm and still be warm. i made them extra long, both on top and bottom, hoping they'll work for next year. :-)

the pith:

pattern: in the opinionated knitter *and* knitter's almanac
yarn: 3 ply fingerlakes soft wool (purchased at the rheinbeck sheep and wool festival)
needles: sz 6
gauge: 4.5 spi


  • OMGosh, those are so cute! The longies look so warm and wooly and cozy. And, your daughter looks adorable in that picture. Really cute. Glad to know they work out so well!

    By Blogger Kathy in DC, at 1:12 PM  

  • That's absurdly cute. The kid, the knitting, the whole package!

    By Blogger Sarah / Blue Garter, at 1:55 PM  

  • Love them! I'm working on a pair for my son right now, but I'm having trouble adjusting for gauge. I'm getting 4.5 spi too. Did you increase to the 126 stitches as the pithy instructions suggest? How many stitches did you cast on? (My 10 month old son takes a 19 inch waist in his longies--so I cast on 88 stitches. However 126 stitches comes to about 25 inches for hip, which seems HUGE. However, if I only increase to 100 or so, it doesn't seem like enough shaping.)

    Thanks for any suggestions :-)

    By Blogger Kelley, at 3:14 PM  

  • kelly,

    i did eggsactly what the pattern says for these. i use cloth dipes so dd had (now pottying :-) a punkin butt.

    right now i'm working on a pair for 10yo dd, using the ladies longies pattern. i did have trouble with the short rows. on her figure, i didn't need so many, but found out after i'd finished them. this created a super-tilted waist, which looked weird. had to frog 'em.

    i advise trying them on often to check for fit.

    caroline in ny
    ps. like your blog

    By Blogger the nifty needler, at 4:20 PM  

  • Thanks for the explanation, Caroline. I use cloth dipes too. Maybe I'll just try another pair and follow the instructions exactly as written. Sometimes I have a tendency to question and improvise too much. Must work on trusting the designer . . . :-)


    By Blogger Kelley, at 4:54 PM  

  • Ok, this is yet another EZ pattern that looks so much more adorable on a real child. and what a child! She's sooooo cute! I'm gonna have to knit some of these for my kids.

    By Blogger Friender, at 5:55 PM  

  • I knit these for my dd, who was 6 when I knit them. She has a built in punkin bottom. :-) Anyway, I did some short rows across the fanny portion lower than EZ suggested. I was happy with it. I also did a picot turn and knit a hem at the waist. When the hem was most of the way sewed down I inserted elastic. They were great. Jo Anna

    By Blogger Jodi, at 6:41 PM  

  • By the way, they are very adorable and so is your dd! Great knitting!

    Jo Anna

    By Blogger Jodi, at 6:45 PM  

  • Very sweet - and so are the longies!

    By Anonymous tiennie, at 10:26 AM  

  • How adorable! What a sweet little girl you have.

    By Blogger littlemamaknits, at 2:46 PM  

  • jodi,

    can you 'splain how you did the picot edge with the hem? i've never done that before. i'm an intermediate knitter, but mostly i knit socks, so i don't have a lot of experience with *some* things. :-)

    one thing i'm not crazy about is threading the elastic through the eyelets. i keep thinking that i should dye the elastic, so it won't stand out so much, but never do . . .

    tia for any info,
    caroline bee @ optonline.net (no spaces)

    By Blogger the nifty needler, at 5:47 PM  

  • great job, and adorable girl!

    By Blogger GORDANA, at 2:58 AM  

  • great job, adorable girl!

    By Anonymous goce, at 3:01 AM  

  • I never even considered making a pair, but they are so cute on your little girl that I think I just might!

    By Blogger Rose, at 7:15 AM  

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