Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blogger switching issues

Hi all, sorry for a post with no knitting content (five more inches on those Fishtrap Aran sleeves before I can steek!), but I thought I'd better address the Great Blogger Conundrum. Many of you are now being coaxed to switch to the shiny new Blogger, which requires setting up an account with Google. Unfortunately, at least a few of you have taken the leap and then found yourselves unable to access Zimmermania. For now, I've just been sending out new invitations so the affected folks can rejoin with their new accounts. Blogger has also been prodding me to switch all of Zimmermania to the new version, but I've been resisting because - as far as I can tell - you'd all lose access and we'd have to begin anew with the invitations. Since we have more than 300 contributors (I stopped counting some time ago, but the requests to join keep rolling in), this would be a major headache for everyone.

If any of you are super-savvy about Blogger and know a clever way to work around these issues and seamlessly roll Zimmermania into the new format, I'd love to hear about it. For now, if you want to switch to a Google account, send me another email and I'll send you a new invitation. (If you all do this at once, be patient - it may take me a few days to catch up with a big flood of requests. I'll do my best, though, because I love coming here every day and seeing all the marvelous Zimmermann-inspired knits you brilliant people keep turning out. Zimmermaniacs are the best!)

We are intrepid knitters, used to forging through the pithiest of instructions and overcoming all kinds of disasters in our craft. We shall persevere, and Blogger shall not flummox us. Thank you for your patience and good will as we figure out a solution.


  • I switched to new blogger and had no problems posting to Zimmermania. However, the main reason I switched is because two of the other blogs I post to switched before me, and I couldn't access them until I had done the same; when I had, my access to them was automatically carried over.
    Hope this helps some... I'm not Blogger savvy, just had a bit of experience.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:48 AM  

  • I would actually like to join Zimmermania for the first time, if it's possible! I have a couple of babies-to-be I'd like to knit for... Thanks! Stacee

    By Blogger sweetarts3, at 5:16 AM  

  • I switched to the new Blogger and didn't have a problem posting. From what I can tell if you switch the team blog over to you won't need to reinvite people, they will just need to switch to the new blogger.

    I don't care whether or not Zimmermania stays on the old version, as long as Blogger keeps letting people post in the old version. I have the feeling that eventually they will force the transition though and it might be better to take care of it sooner than later.

    Thanks for all your work on Zimmermanis!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:48 AM  

  • I just figured out how to post and become a member of the current Zimmermania. I'd personally hate to have to change, but I would do that if I have to.

    By Blogger Marty, at 8:53 AM  

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