Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm Here!

Hello, everyone,
I'm a newbie to this KAL and *blush* fairly new to EZ's philosophies. But already I've learned so much from her that has improved my knitting immensely.

The former LYS in town (since closed) was holding beginning knitting classes 10 or so years ago; that's where I learned to knit, despite having a Grandmother who knit and a sister who created sweaters as she went for me and her two daughters (what pattern?). I got sidetracked by weaving and life for a few years but returned to knitting this summer. What a time to re-enter the Knitting world! KnitBlogs, great books, great mags...

I just bought Knitting Around and Knitting Without Tears and borrowed Knitter's Almanac from the library. All I need to do is figure out which project to begin with!


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