Friday, November 03, 2006

Norwegian Mittens

Hey all! My name is Margaux, I'm new to the group! Just started my first fair isle project after seeing Jessica's great mittens... I think they're coming along just nicely...

Norwegian Mittens

I used the idiot i-cord to start and am still thinking that I could have joined it neater but I just wanted to start fair isle'in away that I kinda just rushed it. I may take it out and do it over again.

I'm so impressed with fair isle! I had this mysterious notion that it was rediculously hard and it's not that bad. I am having a tricky time with the thumb part (not pictured) - question, do you mark off the thumb stitches right after the 3 'neutral' stitches?? I did that... i think...

I figured this first mitten would be a big practice and then if it came out decent i would make the next without ripping this out. we'll see!

either way fair isle just got themselves a new found knitter in me!

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  • I've been loving every mitten posted here and yours is no exception! Great job so far. I love doing 2 handed fair isle too. So much easier than you think it will be!

    By Anonymous tiennie, at 11:58 AM  

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