Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hee hee

I haven't started any EZ knitting yet - I need to buy the yarn for my first Zimmermania project. But I was reading KA on the T this morning and started giggling. Rush hour, on the train, packed full of people and I'm sitting there giggling over an ancient library book - I'll bet I left some people wondering about my sanity.
My first EZ project will be mitered mittens for my MIL (how's that alliteration!). I'll make them with SWTC Karaoke (50% wool, 50% soy silk - similar to Noro in colorways and striping, etc.). And I'm making a scarf from Exquisite Little Knits that mirrrors the shaping of the mittens. Hurray for me, hurray for EZ! Progress reports will be coming soon :)


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