Monday, November 20, 2006

Another Round Yoke Sweater (Must be in the Air)

I've been a huge fan of EZ forever and have made a few of these round yoke sweaters. I actually sort of updated some of the EZ proportions for a couple sweaters I'll hopefully wear someday, but I wanted to show you guys the one I just finished for my daughter.

Although I did base some of the proportions on EZ's system, I fiddled with the yoke numbers. I don't have her Knitting Workshop--I just have the Knitting Around book--and that one has a different version of her EPS system, I think. In fact, in Knitting Around, she doesn't get that specific about where to place the decreases except for the first one, and based on my experience with my own sweaters and the two versions I just knit in a size 4, I like the idea of waiting a little longer to start the first set of decreases so the garment doesn't pull so much at the side of the shoulders.

Has anyone else had that same experience?

Oh, and yeah, I know there isn't much Fair-Isle action on the sweater. I'm not that great when it comes to colorwork and I wanted this to be a simple pattern. On the versions I made for myself, I referred to a book called 1000 Great Knitting Motifs and picked out some Fair Isle stitch patterns using just three or so colors. Beyond that, my eyes cross.

I just finished a pattern for kids (both cardigan and pullover) from ages 2-16 and I will say, the hardest part to figure out was the yoke shaping portion of the pattern. At any rate, I used Plymouth Galway and because of the worsted gauge, it went really quickly.

I can totally see making more garments in this fashion, but creating something other than a pullover or cardigan.


  • Super, super cute! I love the color combination, and I think the colorwok is lovely.

    By Blogger Jodi, at 7:51 PM  

  • That sweater is adorable and the colorway is gorgeous! What an heirloom for the little one :)

    By Blogger Glaistig, at 10:45 PM  

  • Great sweater! I used the same buttons on a cardigan from S-n-B Nation for my oldest last year.

    Question -- did you steek? (a process of which I am terrified)

    By Blogger KnittingJones, at 7:01 AM  

  • No need to steek for this one as I worked back and forth. There is only one tiny colo change so the fibers wouldn't hold together unless I used a sewing machine...

    By Blogger Wendy, at 8:41 AM  

  • That color combo is great!

    For the sweater I just finished knitting, I did the decreases a bit differently than EZ. I did two decreases instead of the first, spaced about an inch apart (this was good for the colorwork patterning) and then went a good long way before doing the other two. I think there's an awful lot of wiggle room with this stuff. It fits fine as does the yoke sweater I recently made using her decreases word for word.

    By Anonymous Adrian, at 1:21 PM  

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