Saturday, October 07, 2006

Knitting Subterfuge

*this is a non picture post*

I cast on about 3 weeks ago for a seamless sweater per the recipe in Knitting Without Tears. Yoke shaping is yet to be determined. The choice is between saddle or hybrid. The hybrid, being more masculine, is the frontrunner.

The sweater is for my boyfriend of 5 years who, heretofore, I avoided knitting for (except for that failed hat and a scarf a la Marc Jacobs) because he is *very* picky and "The Boyfriend Sweater Curse*." The curse worked (...subconciously...) once before and I still have the damn yarn for that sweater because I hate the color so this time I bought a color I like (you know, just in case...) as well as looks good on the current boyfriend. The yarn is Rowan Scottish Tweed DK (100% wool) in Apple.

This was my first foray into Rowan yarns and I am, for the most part, very pleased. I LOVE the tweedyness and the way the wool "sticks" to itself when I lose a stitch off the needles. Unfortunately, I have found at least 1 knot in each of the 3 balls I have used so far. The ball I'm currently using, curiously, has three ends...I will determine the cause of this as I work along, but it's slightly annoying to have so many ends which is the reason I usually work from coned yarn.

I am doing a turned hem with the inner side being Noro Lily (70% cotton, 30% silk) in a crazy orange color and a secret message knit into the inner side. Because the gauge is quite different for these yarns I knit the Lily on size 8US and the Scottish Tweed on 4US. It took a bit of math to get the stitch and row count correct and I was paranoid for the first two weeks that I had done it wrong so ran a lifeline through the 5 inches I had so far and washed and blocked it. It came out fine, but man, that cotton sure takes a long time to dry.

Because this is a secret present and the boyfriend is quite crafty I cannot post progress pictures for risk he will find them and blow the plan until it gets closer to completion. Anyway, we've all seen a 1/4 knitted sweater before, just imagine this one in green...

*The Boyfriend Sweater Curse is the belief you will break up with the male-recipient of a handknitted sweater before the completion of the sweater.


  • *The Boyfriend Sweater Curse is the belief you will break up with the male-recipient of a handknitted sweater before the completion of the sweater.

    and, for that reason, it is advisable to knit the hem/message LAST. If you use Long Tail Cast On (and make the outline-stitch side the "right" side); finish the sweater, knit up into the purl-bumps behind the outline stitch, knit the hem and message and sew down the raw stitches right off the needle. Onward, Meg

    By Blogger Meg, at 6:04 AM  

  • *smacks self on forehead*

    Of course! I considered the at-the-end-hem but the thought of sewing down all those little stitches made my stomach churn. I must be more confident in my relationship then I thought to prefer ripping out an entire sweater to sewing down 178 stitches. Ah, love...

    By Blogger Miss Megan, at 10:25 AM  

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