Tuesday, September 26, 2006

resistance is futile.

I tried, I really did. But Elizabeth's wisdom and wit is what did it. I've been familiar with her books for a while, made a seamless saddle-shoulder sweater of hers years ago that fit beautifully and made me feel like a genius knitter, and have read and reread work.

So I'm starting my version of the kangaroo-pouch set-in sleeve sweater from Knitting Without Tears. It's going to be oversized, with a deep foldover collar. I'm using Jo Sharp Silkroad Ultra in Clinker, and I'm hoping for a cozy everyday sweater. I'm also perversely looking forward to whipping out my big ol' sewing shears and cutting the steeks. I'll be sure to post terrifying pictures.

Swing by my blog and take a looky-loo, why dontcha.


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