Friday, September 29, 2006

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Greetings Zimmermaniacs! I am thrilled to be part of a blog devoted to the unventions of Elizabeth and her daughter, Meg. How proud EZ would undoubtedly be of this blog.

My name is Jeannine Bakriges and EZ changed my life - no doubt about it. EZ is why I do what I do as a career and lifestyle. I am a writer and instructor in hand spinning, natural dyeing and hand knitting. EVERYTHING I create in knitting is influenced by EZ and Meg.

Much of my published work can be seen in past issues of Spin-Off magazine. Presently, I'm writing a book for Schoolhouse Press that focuses on various works by EZ and Meg over the years - all hand spun and naturally dyed - with technical instructions included. A book like this takes alot of time and I'm slow, so it may not hit the bookshelves for two years or so. Interspersed with patterns and technical how-to, will be edited "blog entries" that hopefully will bring the same personal warmth that EZ's digressions achieved. After all, it's fantastic that EZ gave us ingenious knitting technique, but her books were also filled with snippets of her family life - snippets that never compromised her family and yet invited us in to tea, so to speak, now and again.

I invite you all to my blog, which is only a little over a month old. In essence, it's my digressions - kind of a working draft of the book. You won't find patterns or detailed how-to....I'll save that for "THE BOOK". My working title is, "Round Trip" - with obvious connotations to circular knitting and the fact that when you take a trip, you can always take side-trips. Plus, my journey has been rather full circle in that I began with EZ and am now writing a book based on her works.

My blogsite is: www.spinningspiderjenny.blogspot.com
Cheers, Jeannine Bakriges


  • Hey Spider! Great to see you at the KAL!

    I'm *dying* to read your book...how are we supposed to wait two years??

    By Blogger Kate A., at 8:18 AM  

  • Hi Kate,
    Well, the blog is the book and the book is the blog...tho' the book will have a "few" more details. What can I say? - I'm a pokey ponderer.

    By Blogger spider, at 6:34 PM  

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